the staff at higher ground helicopters

 Jesse Greatorex, Certified Robinson Mechanic


owner of higher ground helicopters

Chad Fath - President and Chief Pilot

Chad Fath started his helicopter training career over ten years ago. Chad was on an EMS ride alone when they had to load a patient onto a Life Flight helicopter. After talking to the pilot and the over all experience of that powerful piece of equipment Chad knew he wanted to become a helicopter pilot and one day fly this amazing machine that fascinated him so much.

A week later, Chad told his parents he found a Helicopter Flight School in California that he wanted to attend. One month later, he hopped a plane to Concord , CA , and started his training. After eleven hard months of flying and studying Chad took a job based out of Minneapolis , MN , working as a flight instructor with other duties of tours, photos, pipeline and power line patrol. After about a year, Chad received an offer to fly corporate for a construction company located in Atlanta , GA. There Chad did various flights such as flying the owner to off-airport construction sights, to and from the race tracks where the owner would race at, and some flight instruction.

Chad loved all this but missed the enjoyment and self-rewards of flight instruction. Chad then took a job in Fort Meyers , FL , where he would take on responsibilities such as the chief flight instructor and chief pilot of a 135 operation. Here Chad primarily taught people to fly, but also did a lot of passenger transport, photos, tours, alligator counting and filming of boat races. At this point in time Chad was loving life and his career as a helicopter pilot. Then all hell hit and put fear in all pilots, yes, September 11 th . September 11 th affected every pilot in some way. With the airspaces closed and not knowing when they would be back up to the general public, Chad went back to Minnesota and waited for everything to calm down again and started to work on his Fixed wing training. Once he completed his training he started looking for job. After setting up interviews out west Chad hopped in the car and headed out. The first stop, Las Vegas , NV . Chad interviewed with a couple com panies and took one as a flight instructor. After working there awhile Chad worked his way up to senior flight instructor, tour pilot, charter pilot, and filming for the movies. With various duties ranging from Baja races, VIP charter, Grand Canyon tours, and strip tours, to teaching group ground school to the new students and stage checks with both student and CFI's.

Chad's experience contributed to his ideas on what would make the perfect flight school. With working at numerous flight schools throughout his career he found out what really works and what does not. Chad's goal became to take the best aspects of every school he worked for and some from the schools he attended. In doing so, he came up with a school that is serous and dedicated to transform you, the student, into a professional and extremely safe pilot.


alexandria flight instructor

Mike Peterson - Commercial Pilot/CFI

Peterson (as his friends in the helicopter business call him) has been a flight instructor since 2004. A life-long dream of being a pilot came true when he started his training in early 2002. He met Chad in Las Vegas, Nevada, while Chad was his own flight instructor. Throughout his training, his love and fascination with aviation grew steadily, and he soon realized that his true passion was in sharing this love with others through teaching. He has been an instructor for about 3 years now and has instructed from one on one up to large group ground school. He is committed to giving his students the highest quality education they can get with particular emphasis on safety. His enthusiasm and passion for this industry keeps him continually studying and learning all he can, so he will be the best and most effective instructor he can. Always seek "Higher Ground!"


Jenny Marotzke - Office Manager

Jenny started working at Higher Ground Helicopters in 2005 as a secretary answering phones and taking messages. Since then she has worked her way to up to the office manager position. As office manager Jenny is primarily in charge of the financial aid department and scheduling flight time for the students. Jenny especially enjoys these duties because she enjoys the interaction with the students and getting to know new people on a regular basis.


cody bosek flight instructor

Levi Meyer - Flight Instructor

Levi grew up in central Ohio and work with his dad on the farm until graduation in 2007. He then moved to central Colorado to pursue the dream of becoming a mountaineering guide through Colorado Mountain College in Leadville. While attending class in the Grand Canyon he watched as EMS helicopters landed in the canyon to pick up a heart attack victim, and while in Colorado on a back country skiing trip he watched Search and Rescue helicopters circling the area while on a mission he then realized that’s what he want to do. He then came back to Ohio and meet Chad in the Cincinnati school and started to fly in January. He kept working at it full time and received his Private in March, then moved on to his Commercial rating in July, one short month later he received his Flight Instructor rating. He is thrilled to start working in the helicopter industry and grateful to be work for such a outstanding academy.


Jesse Greatorex - Certified Robinson Mechanic

Jesse is the newest addition to the Higher Ground team. With 10 years experience as a mechanic and extensive training from Robinson Helicopters and Lycoming engines Jesse brings with him the experience and training needed to operate the Higher Ground Robinson service center open to the general public. His enthusiasm for engines and speed has earned degrees and certifications in water craft, motorcycles, auto mechanics and even heavy equipment. Jesse’s experience and dedication to safety helps make Higher Ground Helicopters one of the best and safest places to learn how to fly.


Abraham Swisher

Event Coordinator. Bio coming soon.